Our Story

Quick question! Have you ever taken a close look at the ingredients on the back of a food product? Almost every packaged product is filled with chemical preservatives and additives for colour and flavour, the prolonged use of which can cause a world of health problems.
Upon understanding how flawed and commercial our food industry has become, we started making our own Mayonnaise, Cereals, Spreads and Marinades with wholesome ingredients, without any chemical additives, for our own consumption. In a short span, we noticed a remarkable difference! Our skin started glowing and we felt more energetic through-out the day.
What first started as a personal need soon grew into a passion to serve others with food that is fresh, made with the finest ingredients and without any chemicals. With multiple trials and taste- testing all the ingredients fell into perfect balance and we created products with bags of flavour, All Natural and Preservative Free.
We have put our heart and soul into creating a great range of products, specially hand-crafted from our Kitchen for your Home! Hope you love it as much we do!
Made with ❤️  in India